Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Buttons from Saxapahaw, bullets from Virginia

Hey everyone!  I wanted to share some of my September finds with you all.  I got a chance to go up to Virginia and detect with my good friend Dustin not too long ago.  I did pretty well on bullets, but nothing else spectacular.  Dustin had a great hunt, pulling both a rare button (Union eagle R rifleman coat) and his first Spanish silver (1792 two reale).  Way to go man! 

Civil war bullets an button back, 
Early civilian flat button
Dustin's 1792 two reale

More recently, I took the GPX 4800 on a spin around Saxapahaw to try and cut through the harsh mineralization.  I was very happy with its performance as usual, discriminating iron and pulling some nice old brass relics with ease.  These are my finds for just a few hours hunting a spot I had previously given up on with other detectors.

The round ball is hard to date, but has a really nice pronounced sprue.  The flat buttons date to the first half of the 19th century, the earliest timeframe for the site I was hunting.  The two piece BS script button was for the uniform of the nearby Bingham School, although the backmark appears to date its production to just after the Civil War after the school had relocated to Mebansville.

Thanks for looking, happy hunting, and God bless.