Thursday, March 24, 2016

DIV XXXIV - Brandy Rock Day One

The end if DIV XXXIII at Beauregard marked the start of DIV XXXIV, and I was one of those crazy fortuante enough to attend both back to back.  As with the last day of Beauregard, we hopped around to a couple of different spots, hoping to settle into something.  I found a little bit in a number of different places, but never did really find my groove at any of them.

The find of the day for me came from beside the large rock outcropping down the hill from the old headquarters (for those who have been there before).  This little rectangular brass buckle was the adjustment for the leather chin strap on a soldier's kepi hat.  Remarkably, this one still has some of the leather remaining!  The chin strap was held in place by two small buttons - remember those, as I'll talk about them in a later post.

The large rectangular brass ring in the picture below went to a sword belt rig.  I also found a knapsack j hook, several leather rivets, two general service eagle buttons, and various fired and dropped bullets.

The lone button back came from an area that has been previously searched heavily, but had produced several Maine buttons in the past.  A Maine relic is high up on my wish list to find, but once again it wasn't meant to be.  In any event, I was very happy with the interesting variety of finds from the first day at Brand Rock.  Perhaps my best find of the hunt wouldn't come until tomorrow...

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