Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Featured Find: M1859 US Cavalry Spur, Hillsborough

This isn't my find, but it comes from my good friend Brad from Mebane.  I'm sure I'll be mentioning him in the future, as we metal detect together quite a lot.  He was detecting over in Hillsborough, NC at the kind of site I typically enjoy - not a lot of targets, but every one of them is old.  The best find for the day is this simply BEAUTIFUL model 1859 US cavalry spur.  The rowel (revolving disc) is missing from the neck, but on many dug examples the neck is broken off altogether.  The hooks for the fastening straps are bent inwards, but the yoke (body of the spur that goes around the heel) is quite straight.  The patina on this spur is simply lovely, and the characteristic M1859 foliate design around the neck shows nicely.  These spurs tend to be associated with production at the Allegheny Arsenal in Pennsylvania, and would have been issued to an enlisted cavalry soldier.  Overall, this is one of the better Civil War finds I have seen recovered in this area in recent months.

Congratulations, Brad, on the stellar find!


  1. I am not a relic hunter but even I can appreciate a find like this.
    The spur was such a significant development (came out of India if I am not mistaken) to the use of the horse as a war vehicle.

  2. Oops, I got my horse parts mixed up! I was thinking of the stirrup! Shows you what I know about horses :D

  3. Thanks, I really liked it too, I'm sure Brad is thrilled to have it. I tried to post some comments over at your blog, but they didn't take. Probably my own fault, I'll try again later.

  4. oh, nevermind, checked again and I guess they did go through hehe