Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NOT my find, but…

WOW what a piece of history.  A friend of mine recently sent me a picture of this gorgeous Tennessee-style rounded corner Confederate States belt buckle, and I just had to feature it.  It was recently recovered by Brian F. at a site right here in the Old North State.  It just goes to show – it’s still out there if you’re patient and persistent.  With all the hooks intact, the lettering clearly visible, and even some of the original belt material remaining, this is a fine example of a very rare and historical plate.  Congratulations Brian!

As for myself, work and familial obligations (combined with some crazy weather patterns) have kept me out of the fields for much too long now.  Hopefully that will change soon – this buckle find really charged me up to get back out there!

At the very least, I should have more to show in just over a week.  That’s right, it’s time once again for Diggin’ in Virginia!!  I’ve been fortunate enough to receive an invitation to attend DIV XXIII in Brandy Station, VA for three days of metal detecting battle and camp sites.  I will be running my daily blog updates again this time.  For my previous articles on Diggin' in Virginia DIV XIX, the back-to-back DIV XX and XXI, and the most recent DIV XXII).  Wish us luck!!

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