Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIV Blog Day 1: Bullets and a great button!

Hey everyone!  I'm sore, I'm tired, and it's only been the first day!  But I'm having a blast, and made a few cool finds.  My first find of the day came after only about 20 minutes of searching - my very first 69 caliber three ring bullet.  These things are massive!!  It's a huge piece of lead, and truly terrifying to think about as a weapon.

I took a break during the course of the day to watch several latrine pits being dug out.  I saw two complete bottles saved, both of which are simply beautiful.  I ended up with 7 bullets for the day, including two 69's, two 58's, two Sharps bullets, and one 44 Colt pistol bullet.

There was an hour and a half to go in the day when I ran into a friend of mine who invited me to a spot where he was digging quite a few bullets in a Confederate camp.  I was really hoping for a few more to close out the day, but I ended up with a much better find.  I could see the green rim of a button, and carefully moved the dirt to reveal a Federal ordinance officer's coat button.  Produced in the 1830's-40's, it was most likely re-purposed by the Confederacy for an artillery officer based on where it was found.

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  1. Hey - thanks for the update! I'll be there Wednesday evening - Lord willin'!