Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIV Blog Day 5: S'more lead

Today was the start of DIV XXI at a different property associated with the Battle of Brandy Station.  WOW, there were some amazing relics unearthed today!!  They included an ID badge, complete pistol, a sword hilt and pommel, buttons from Louisiana Mississippi Texas and many others, a South Carolina belt plate and many more amazing recoveries.  Unfortunately none of those mind-blowing finds were mine, but I'm still happy with the new lead I recovered.  I took far too long finding a "spot", and I really only got into a decent place thanks to fellow digger Vaughn (thanks!).

I was pleased to recover a total of 9 bullets, all of them different!  Several I have never found before, so this made for a successful day of detecting.  From left to right they are: 44 pistol round ball, 44 Colt pistol, 58 round ball, 54 Sharps variant (I think), my first 54 Sharps ringtail, my first 58 Gardner, Williams cleaner type 1, 58 caliber three ring Minie, and an unidentified high-velocity impact bullet.

I'm looking forward to getting out again tomorrow to hopefully add some brass to all this lead, and if I'm really lucky get into another pit to dig.  Wish me luck!

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