Monday, March 19, 2012

DIV Blog Day 2: more lead and brass

Today was Day 2 of DIV XX, held at Beauregard Farm in Culpeper, VA.  I had a good day yesterday, but wasn't able to find a "spot" where relics were concentrated (and shallow enough for a VLF detector) where I could slow down.  We parked at a different part of the farm today, and I simply turned on my detector and started walking.  My first find was another 69 caliber minie ball.  It always amazes me just how heavy these things are.  From there I searched the area a bit longer, and just when I was about to move on I found a round musket ball.  As it turns out, I had found my "spot", and spent the entire rest of the day working between two hills.

In addition to a dozen dropped bullets, I found a few other interesting relics, some of which were new for me.  The button was a thrill to find, and is actually my first Union eagle button.  The fields don't tend to treat buttons well here, so I'm very happy to have found this one intact.  As far as lead, I found a flattened out three ring minie ball, and the biggest piece of camp lead I've ever dug.  The highlight for today was digging a brass belt adjuster with a gorgeous green patina (shown at the top of the picture above).

I haven't yet decided if I'm going to the same place tomorrow, or if I'll look for a new spot.  But for now, I know I'm getting some much needed rest.  Thanks for reading!