Saturday, March 21, 2015

DIV Blog - Day 0: Back to the Cavalry Camp

Hi everyone!  It's that time of year again - Diggin' in Virginia is upon us.  For the next week I'll be out in the field with several hundred other die-hard relic hunters in the winter camps and battlegrounds around Brandy Station, Virginia.  Today I took the opportunity for a pre-hunt with my friend Dustin at the Union Cavalry camp we've been searching.  Once again we were not disappointed, and I ended up with a record bullet day.  Most of my bullets are small caliber Colt Navy revolver rounds, which were found in one very small area.  I also recovered several Smith bullets, one three ring Minie ball, one Merrill carbine bullet, part of a spur (the square looking brass piece, which would have been used to attach the spur strap), and several more shoulder scale uniform attachments.  My favorite find of the day is the carved bullet in the center.

Now I'm off to get some rest before tomorrow's big dig.  Wish us luck!!

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