Thursday, March 26, 2015

DIV Blog - Day 5: Here, There, and Everywhere

Unfortunately, yesterday's pit dig quickly proved anticlimactic today.  In very short order the use layer gave way to solid clay in all directions.  Bottles were being dug in holes around me, but it wasn't meant for me today.  I did get two more bullets from the hole, though, which I guess is a nice consolation prize.  This morning I spent surface hunting through the scattered rain in the same general area where I started, finding three eagle coat buttons and a few bullets before lunchtime.

The rain gave way to heat after lunch, and my friend Dustin invited me over to a spot where he had an incredible bullet haul the day before.  As we were about to get detecting, we were joined by Phil, Josh, and Keith who happened to be driving by and spotted us in the field.  We all immediately started finding bullets - except for me.  Dumbfounded, I went to check a signal of Phil's to discover that I could hardly hear anything, even in an air test with a bullet on the ground!  As it turns out, I had flipped a switch on the front control box out of position, and completely ruined my chances.  With the settings back in place, I started finding bullets along with the rest.  There seemed to be one pocket of dropped bullets, with fired bullets littering the hillside.  Phil picked up 20 fired bullets in short order, and we all found at least a few.  We came to the conclusion that this had been a firing range, and while digging deep bullets can be fun, we decided that we would change venue to a place where it would be more likely to find brass targets.

Our next spot was checking out some of the recent logging activity on the farm.  I did get into one little pocket of relics, including this great little Eagle "D" dragoon cuff button.  It's in pretty rough shape, but it's a first for me and I'm very happy to have found it.  Besides that small area, though, we all had pretty poor luck, finding lots fence wire strewn about by the equipment but no relics to speak of.  Another change of scenery was in order, and we ended the day in the shadow of the historic Farley House (above).  I did manage to find a few bullets in here as well, but that field has been heavily detected in the past.  Overall it was another great, albeit very tiring, day at Brandy Rock Farm!

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