Friday, March 27, 2015

DIV Blog - Day 6: Hunkered Down

Today started out rainy, but gave way to what turned into a beautiful day of relic hunting.  I went back to the spot I found the Eagle D cuff button yesterday to hunker down and work the area more thoroughly.  That spot was loaded with relics, and I didn't have to move far all day to recover a nice variety of finds.

My favorite brass find of the day was probably the Eagle I coat button that cleaned up with loads of the original gilt still attached.  I also recovered three other general service coat buttons, knapsack parts, a scabbard finial, and a war date Indian Head penny.  The large, round, brass object is the top of a powder flask, another first for me.

As for bullets, I was very happy with both the quantity and variety of those recovered.  In addition to a number of standard three ringers, I also dug colt dragoon pistol, Richmond labs colt pistol (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong), ringtail sharps, gardners, and enfield, and two carved bullets.  Last but not least, I found one cool iron relic that I really like - an old key.

There's only one more day of DIV week, and it has been a blast.  I still haven't gotten that one special relic yet, but I have been blown away with the GPX's ability to find so many artifacts in the red clay.  And as we all know, the next signal could be the one!  Speaking of which, congratulations to my friend Josh on his incredible find today, a confederate frame buckle.  Way to go, Josh!  Wish us all luck on the last day of DIV tomorrow!

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